Large Meeting Guidance

Large meetings typically have the following characteristics:

  • The meeting format is a one-to-many presentation.

  • One or a few users are presenters, and everyone else participates only as attendees.

  • PowerPoint presentation sharing is the main data collaboration activity.

  • Audio is required and video may also be used.

  • A dedicated person, generally either the meeting organiser or an assistant to the organiser, sets up the meeting well in advance.

  • Dedicated staff (not the presenters) runs the meeting, including connecting to an online meeting, verifying that audio, video, and slide sharing work, managing lobby and user roles, muting and un-muting participants, taking questions, and managing recordings, as appropriate.

We recommend having meeting moderators which perform the following duties:

The meeting moderator can use all presenter functionalities of Skype for Business clients to manage the large meeting. These functionalities include:

  • Monitoring the lobby and admitting or rejecting users in the lobby

  • Removing any users from the meeting who should not be in the meeting

  • Changing meeting access types

  • Changing participant roles

  • Inviting additional participants during the meeting using Lync drag and drop functionality, phone dial out, or e-mail

  • Muting and unmuting the audience or individual users

  • Managing meeting content, including uploading content, deleting content, and switching active content

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