Logging In To Microsoft Surface Hub

This Article will show you how to log in to Skype For Business on your Microsoft Surface Hub.


1. Press the Microsoft logo button and click on "All apps".

2. Click on settings and login with an Admin Account.

3. Click on System and then Microsoft Surface Hub.

4. Scroll down to Skype For Business and click on FQDN, you will receive a pop up window for you to enter the FQDN of the server certificate.

5. Enter '' and click OK.

6. Navigate back to 'Settings' option.

7. Click 'This device' and then click 'Calling'.

8. Under Skype For Business configuration you will need to click on 'Configure domain name'.

9. Here you will need to input '' and then click on 'OK'.

6. Reboot the Surface Hub by touching the up arrow in the bottom right hand corner.

7. The Surface Hub will load back to the main screen. 

Once you have amended the configuration settings this should allow you to log on to Skype For Business. If you are having issues logging on to Skype for Business on surface hub check to see if the password entered is correct, you can do this by entering the password on Skype client or the portal on if password is also not accepted there then reset your password. 

If your password is correct and you are still having issues to sign in on the Surface Hub then please liaise with the manufacturer of the device as we do not provide support for the Surface Hub device itself. 



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