Verba Call Recording

This article will show you how you can listen to recorded calls within the Verba Portal.

  1. Once you have your account log on credentials log on to the Verba portal, link provided below:

 2. When logged in hover over Conversations and click Search as shown in the below image:


 3. This will bring up options on how you can search for a recorded call:

a) Calender which allows you to select the dates you would like the calls to show for. 

b) Entering a phone number (from or to party)

c) Entering the users Skype For Business email address.

Once you entered the search details click on search, this will bring up the relevant recorded calls. 

 Please see below image:

 4. Once you have found the recording you will need to press the button next to the recorded call you wish to listen to.

5. You can also select  button to save the recorded call to your computer.



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