VIA Sync Filtering Examples

Here are some examples of VIA sync filter's for certain scenarios.


Syncing an Individual Organisational Unit

If a certain OU is needed to be synced across to the portal, this will need to be specified within the RootOU section. So for example, if only 'Tenants' need to be synced across as per the screenshot below:

Then the following would need to be inputted into the RootOU Section:

OU=Tenants, DC=Example, DC=com

Note: Only one OU can be selected, if the whole DC need to be synced, the field can be left blank or inputting the following:

DC=Example, DC=com


Syncing Users That Are Part of a Member of Group

If user accounts are part of multiple OU's that need to be synced across, then the other way would be to set the accounts to be part of a 'Member of' group, such as this example 'VIASyncUser'.

The following would be used in the 'User Filter' section:


Note: These filters are using LDAP queries, which just needs to include the filters, as the AND operator is already added e.g. (&[UserFilter])


Syncing Two Subdomains Under the Same Forest

To sync two separate domains under the same forest, VIA sync will need to run on two separate servers.



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