VVX DHCP Options and Provisioning

Note: The guidance for RealPresence Trio's is slightly different, click here.

Please Note: Later revisions of the VVX 501 and 601 may use option 161 instead, this can be checked by doing the following on the phone:

Settings, Advanced (default password 456), Administration settings, Network Configuration, Provisioning Server, DHCP Menu and BootSrv Option determines if 160 or 161 is used.

In order to deploy the VVX devices on the VIA platform, they require an option adding to your DHCP configuration; Option 160. This is an ASCII pointer to

Cisco Configuration:

conf t

ip dhcp pool {POOLNAME}

option 160 ascii{customer-org-id}#

Windows DHCP Configuration:

Add a new DHCP Option 160:

Now add the value in the correct IP scope:


Please follow this article to find your organisation ID: 

There is no scope for manual configuration of devices.


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