Network Setup

In order for Skype for Business to function properly, the following network ports need to be open OUTBOUND through the network firewall.



 Port Protocol Direction
 443 TCP Outbound
 3478 UDP  Outbound 
 5061 TCP Outbound
 50000-59999 (Optional) TCP/UDP Outbound


IP Addresses:

Our IP Addresses are as follows. We would recommend allowing all IP's through your firewall. This will allow your users to utilise local resources if they host meetings closer to a different region.

Site IPv4 Subnet IPv6 Subnet Address Range (Inclusive)
Global (London) 2a04:e9c0::/29 -
North America (California) - 2600:1f1c:353:7600::/56
Asia Pacific (Singapore) - 2406:da18:c3c:cc00::/56
Asia Pacific (Sydney) 2001:df5:5100::/48 -






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