Getting Started

Please Note: In order to utilise VIA Sync fully around your setup, you must first inform the support team. Please raise a ticket on the Support site. At this time, VIA Sync is only available for new customers uploading to a new tenant.


VIA Sync Setup

VIA Sync allows you to synchronise your Active Directory users with the VIA Portal to allow easier provisioning of Skype for Business.

The download link will be provided by the provisioning team when going through the setup by an engineer.

Before you start the installation you will also need your organisation id, this can be obtained from the welcome email sent by the provisioning Team.

Once you have that information you can start the installation. Below takes you through the relevant screens for the installation:


Service Account Setup

The screen below lets you specify the user account that you wish the VIA sync service to run as. This needs to be a domain user account that is part of the domain you wish to sync. The account also needs to have “Log on as a service” permissions. Information for that can be found here:


Configure Active Directory Filters

The following screen allows you to filter what users the sync with VIA Sync.

All of the below fields are optional however we have found the easiest solution is to supply the distinguished name i.e. OU=Users,DC=skype,DC=testinglync,DC=com. This is recursive so any child OU’s are also included.

The other filters are LDAP query filters which you can then further filter your user accounts by.



Set Organisation Id

The following screen is where you enter the organisation id for the organisation in the portal you wish to sync to. As mentioned previously this can be obtained by the Welcome email sent from the provisioning team, which will be in the following format: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX


Once you have entered this installation VIA Sync will be installed as a windows service. If the service doesn’t start automatically go to windows services and find VIA Sync right-click on the service and choose start.

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