Meeting Room Accounts

To setup a Skype for Business Meeting Room:

Setup a “Meeting Room” in Office 365

A password can only be assigned to a Mailbox Account using the Exchange Online Powershell.

1) Connect to the Exchange Online Powershell.

2) Run the following command, changing the password as appropriate:

New-Mailbox –Name "Meeting Room" –Alias "MeetingRoom" –Room -RoomMailboxPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -String “P@ssw0rd123!” -AsPlainText -Force) -EnableRoomMailboxAccount $true

If the room mailbox is already created, you can set a password as follows:

Set-Mailbox -Identity "Meeting Room" -RoomMailboxPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -String "P@ssw0rd123!" -AsPlainText -Force) -EnableRoomMailboxAccount $True

NOTE: Make sure the password matches the minimum requirements for both Office 365/Email Exchange and VIA


If you require further assistance with this please contact your IT or Office 365 Support Provider or internal IT team as VIA do not have access to control or modify your Office 365 system.


Setup a Skype for Business Account

Setup a user in our portal with at least L2 rights using the same username (SIP Address) as you just used to setup the Meeting Room mailbox.

Login to Skype for Business using the room PC (Outlook does not need to be installed) using the credentials you just setup.

The meetings tab will show the current meeting and simply click “Join Skype for Business Meeting”.

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