Meeting Room Accounts

To set up a Skype for Business Meeting Room:

Create a “Resource Account" in Office 365

1) Log in to O365 Admin Center.

2) Select Resources > Rooms and Equipment on the left pane (you may need to select Show All to see this option).

3) Click Add. Fill in the relevant details and create the account (no licenses need to be applied).

4) Go to Users > Active Users to find the account and set the password. This password needs to match the VIA Skype for Business password, so make sure the password matches the minimum requirements for both O365 and VIA.

Note: If you require further assistance with this please contact your IT or Office 365 Support Provider or internal IT team as VIA do not have access to control or modify your Office 365 system.


Set up a Skype for Business Account

1) In the VIA Portal, create a Skype for Business account with the same username as the Resource Account set up in O365 (the license assigned will need to have conferencing capabilities). 

2) Send a Welcome Email to yourself so you can set the password to match what was set in O365.

3) You can now log in to your Conference Device with the Skype for Business meeting room account.

4) Conference invitations from internal colleagues will be auto accepted on the Resource Account and will appear on the device's calendar. Press Join to enter a meeting.

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