Ring Groups

Ring Groups contain the members to share the distribution of incoming calls. These are also known as Blast Groups, Hunt Groups & Call Distribution Groups.

To create/edit/delete a ring group, navigate to Setup, then Ring Groups:

You can then add or remove users from different Ring Groups.


Ringing Methods

Currently Supported:

  • Simultaneous Ring - This calls all the users in the ring group at once until someone answers or the Ring Group timesout.

Future Support:

  • Hunt (Primary) - This method calls the first extension in the list for XX seconds before moving to the second, then third, etc.
  • Queuing - This method directs calls to members of the group evenly based on the volume of calls they have received today.


The timeout period and action are set within the "Call Routing" Section of the portal.

Maximum & Minimum Users

The minimum users available in a hunt group is 1, the maximum is 20.

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