Interactive Voice Response (Menu's)

Interactive Voice Response, IVR's, Menu's or Automated Attendant's allow your customer to select the department they wish to speak to using their phone keypad.

These can be enabled in the "Call Routing" section of the VIA Portal.

All IVR's require an audio file to be played, when the caller reaches this stage of the call routing.

Available options within the IVR are as follows:


The numbers one through zero, * & # are single digit button presses on the callers keypad. These then allow the caller to progress to the next stage of the call routing.

Other - This is the default action if the caller presses an option which does not have a further route. For example, if you have options 1 through 3 available but the caller presses 9, this specifies the action to take.

Timeout - This action specifies the action to take if nothing is heard for 15 seconds (i.e. no digit presses).


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