Ways to connect with VIA

VIA Connect is a private connection to the VIA cloud. VIA Connect allows you to connect physically or virtually over a private interconnect to the VIA Cloud in order to secure your audio and video traffic and to ensure end-to-end QoS.

With enterprise-grade security and quality of service built in, VIA Connect allows you to connect seamlessly and consistently with the VIA Cloud. If you have internal or external policies which prevent you sending traffic directly over the internet, then VIA Connect is for you.

Methods of Connecting:

1) Cross-Connect - Connect directly using a physical cross-connect in our Data Centres. If you also have a network edge in Equinix LD4, LD5 or LD6, then we can connect directly. We peer using BGP, sharing PUBLIC IP's ONLY.

Your edge routers must be able to "speak" BGP and annouce your Public IPs to VIA's routers. Link speeds available are:


2-8 Gbps (a bundle of upto 8 1Gbps links using LACP Active/Active)


20-40Gbps (a bundle of up to 4 10Gbps links using LACP Active/Active).

The customer bears the cost of the Data Centre Interconnect.

Equinix MetroConnect is also available from any Equinix/Telecity Data Centre in the London area.

2) On-site VIA Connect - From your Office location(s), we provide a single or redundant link to the VIA Cloud. This is a fully managed service, integrating with your network edge. This can be bundled with Internet access or as a standalone service. Unlike the Cross-Connect, pricing is based on 100Mbps or 1Gbps Fibre links and the bandwidth usage on top.

100Mbps Fibre Access (Any bandwidth in multiples of 10Mbps).

1Gbps Fibre Access (Any bandwidth in multiples of 10Mbps).

Our bandwidth calculator can be found here.

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