VIA Voice Connect

If you have existing Voice Infrastructure you need to keep on site, for a custom application or a regulatory purpose, you can connect a direct SIP trunk from this system to the VIA Cloud. Seamlessly sending calls to Skype for Business users.

You may connect over the public Internet or over any of the VIA Connect methods (direct cross-connect, On-Site VIA Connect, AWS, Azure).

We do not limit the number of concurrent calls across the SIP Trunk (they are completely elastic). Just ensure you have enough bandwidth available for the number of concurrent calls you expect. Our bandwidth calculator can be found here.

To connect, first please email with the following details:

  • Customer Name:
  • Technical Contact Name:
  • Technical Contact Email:
  • IP Addresses:
  • UDP or TCP:
  • Expected Concurrent Calls:
  • Method of Connecting:

Our SIP Infrastructure address is

The port is 5060 UDP or TCP (please specify above).

Redundancy and loadshare is provided by VIA across the DNS name, you only need to connect with the single destination and everything else is taken care of at the network layer.

The SIP TO address MUST be in full E164 format with the leading +. Without this, calls will be rejects. For example:

  • +4433333442464 - Valid
  • +44033333442464 - Invalid
  • 4433333442464 - Invalid
  • 033333442464 - Invalid

In order for inbound CLI lookup to function, the SIP FROM field must also be in the above format.

Please ensure SIP Options are enabled. We send SIP Options every 10 seconds.

Calls carry a maximum length of 8 hours.


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