Using VIA Data Query with Excel 2016

The following article will show you how to connect to VIA Data Query using Microsoft Excel 2016.

  • Open Excel
  • Click the Data tab
  • Click From Other Sources
  • Click From Data Connection Wizard
  • Select Other/Advanced and then click Next
  • In the Provider tab select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
  • Click Next >> 
  • In section 1 enter for the server name
  • In section 2 select Use a specific user name and password and enter your user name and password, these are available in the via portal under Activity > Data Query. You may need to reset your password you haven't previously recorded it.
  • If you wish Excel to save your password tick Allow saving password
  • In section 3 select Select the database on the server and enter ucportal_activity
  • The form should now look similar to the image below:

  • Click Test Connection, you should see the following message:

  • Click OK on the message and then OK on the Data Link Properties window. Excel will now query the database and then display the following window:

  • The two available tables are as follows:
    • Calls - This table contains all call details for your organisation
    • Conferences - This table contains all of the conference details, call details for each conference are stored in the Calls table.
  • More information on the table schema can be found here
  • For this exercise we will query the Calls table. So select Calls and then click Next. This will then present the Save Data Connection File and Finish window. Enter any additional information you wish to store against the data connection, such as a description and click Finish
  • Excel will now ask you where you wish to put the data, i.e. at a specific cell or new worksheet. The default is cell A1. Click OK.
  • All of your call details should now be loaded into Excel for you.
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