VIA Connect Setup

Thanks for purchasing a VIA Connect Service. The order and provisioning process is as follows:

Task Responsible Party Expected Completion Time
Complete Order Documents VIA & Customer 1-5 Days
Pay Initial Invoice Customer 1-5 Days
Complete site surveys VIA & Customer 1-3 Weeks
Plan any additional work arisen from the site survey VIA 1-4 Weeks
Install Fibre Cable(s) from Exchange to Customer/Landlord DP VIA & Customer 1-4 Weeks
Install carrier NTE's VIA & Customer 1-4 Weeks
Install VIA DP VIA & Customer 1 Week
Provide customer with completed installation VIA 1 Week

Some of the above tasks can overlap and some can over-run, not affecting the final completion date. Current ECD's from order are 90 working days (A working day is considered a day between Monday and Friday, not including UK Public Holidays). The expected completion time's are to be used as a guide only. Delayed caused by the customer's landlord will impact the ECD.

Any additional work required by the customer's landlord, including but not limited to, additional regulatory paperwork, detailed plan submission or refusal of access to common areas is chargeable.

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