Using VIA Data Query with Power BI Desktop

The following article will show you how to connect to VIA Data Query using Power BI Desktop.

  • Open Power BI Desktop
  • Click the Get Data drop down and select SQL Server
  • You should now be looking at the Import Data from SQL Server Database window
  • In the Server textbox enter
  • In the Database textbox enter ucportal_activity
  • Select whether you want to Import the data or use Direct Query
  • The window should now look something like the below picture:

  • Click OK, this will take you to the Access a SQL Server Database window
  • Select Database tab on the left.
  • Enter your user name and password, these are available in the via portal under Activity > Data Query. You may need to reset your password you haven't previously recorded it.
  • The window should now look like this:

  • Click Connect
  • Power BI will now connect to the VIA Data Query database.
  • The Navigator window should now be visible.
  • The two available tables are as follows:
    • Calls - This table contains all call details for your organisation
    • Conferences - This table contains all of the conference details, call details for each conference are stored in the Calls table.
  • More information on the table schema can be found here.
  • For this exercise we will query the Calls table. Tick the Calls table and then click Load.
  • Power BI will now load your call data which will then be ready for you to create your reports for.
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