CRM Integration - Configuring Dynamics CRM Online

This article will guide you through configuring Dynamics CRM 365 Online integration with Via Contact Centre.


To complete these steps you need to be:

  1. Azure AD Administrator
  2. Via Contact Centre Administrator or have the security role Can Edit CRM Configuration

You need:

  1. The URL for your Dynamics 365 Online CRM instance


Configuring Azure AD

  1. Log in to Azure AD
  2. Goto Azure Active Directory
  3. Create a new Native App Registration
  4. Set the redirect URL to be
  5. Add permissions to the App registration for delegate access to Dynamics CRM
  6. Edit the XML manifest file. You need to specify oauth2AllowImplicitFlow to be true (default is false)
  7. Now make a note of the Application ID and save the application
  8. Close the Registered app page. On the App registrations page, click on the Endpoints button at the top, then copy the OAuth 2 Authentication URL.

Configuring Via Contact Centre

  1. In Via Contact Centre goto the CRM Integration window in the VIA portal.
  2. Enter the Azure Application in the Client ID field
  3. Enter the URL of your dynamics instance in the URL field
  4. Enter your Oath Endpoint Application URL into the Application URL field
  5. Click sign in and then enter your Dynamics CRM credentials
  6. You can now add the Search Objects that you wish to search against, as well as which fields to return from Dynamics CRM when performing the search lookup in the Agent Dashboard.
  7. Click Add Search Object
  8. The VIA Portal will then load from Dynamics CRM all of your available entities.
  9. Choose the relevant entity from the Entity dropdown
  10. Select the fields you want to search and what you want to appear
  11. Click Save
  12. Repeat steps 6 - 10 for each entity you want to add
  13. Click Save Changes when you are finished
  14. You have now configured the VIA Portal to integrate with Dynamics CRM
  15. Agents logged into the Agent Dashboard will now be able to see CRM records when they receive calls through contact centre


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