BToE Update (Version

With Polycom version, BToE application can connect without being tethered by ethernet to the PC/Laptop directly. The new process for connecting the PC and VVX devices is by manually pairing the device using the pairing code. Note: Both the PC and VVX need to be on a reachable network to communicate with one another

First, you will need to use BToE Version or above for this to work. Once installed, you will need to change BToE on the phone to manual pairing by pressing the home button and selecting 'BTOE', select 'Pairing Mode' to 'Manual'.

This will provide a 'Pairing Code', which will need to be inputted into the 'Polycom BToE Connector'. Open the Polycom BToE connector within the system tray, by right clicking on the phone icon, turn off 'Auto Mode', enter the code and click 'Pair'.

Once completed, a message will come up in the bottom right to show as paired with a green status.

If the phone hasn't been logged in previously, a prompt message will appear on skype for business to login on the PC itself, please see the article below:


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