VIA Portal Security Groups

The VIA Portal supports the creation of security groups. This allows a group of users to be assigned specific rights. 

This means a user does now not need to be a domain admin to be able to perform specific actions on the VIA portal.

Example 1.

A user needs the ability to create and edit users.

Instead of setting a user as a domain admin, a security group called Create and Edit Users is created.

The rights Create Users and Edit Users are added to the Security Group.

The user is added to the security group.

This user can now edit and create users.


Creating and Editing Security Groups

Security Groups are available for domain admins and can be found under:

Setup -> Security -> Security Groups



Available Rights

  • View Own Call Activity
  • View All Call Activity
  • View Reports
  • View VIA Data Query
  • View Users
  • Edit Users
  • Create Users
  • Delete Users
  • Assign User Roles
  • Resend Welcome Email
  • View Organisations
  • Edit Organisations
  • View Invoices
  • Create Charges
  • View Organisation Charges
  • View Sip Numbers
  • View Domains
  • View Licenses
  • Edit Licenses
  • View License Costs
  • View Call Routing
  • Edit Call Routing
  • Create Call Routing
  • Delete Call Routing
  • View Media
  • Edit Media
  • Create Media
  • Delete Media
  • View Ring Groups
  • Edit Ring Groups
  • Create Ring Groups
  • Delete Ring Groups
  • View Call Queues
  • Edit Call Queues
  • Create Call Queues
  • Delete Call Queues
  • View Queue Groups
  • Edit Queue Groups
  • Create Queue Groups
  • Delete Queue Groups
  • View Voicemail
  • Edit Voicemail
  • Create Voicemail
  • Delete Voicemail
  • View Outbound CLI
  • Edit Outbound CLI
  • Create Outbound CLI
  • Delete Outbound CLI
  • View Barred Numbers
  • Create Barred Numbers
  • Delete Barred Numbers
  • View Dial Policies
  • Edit Dial Policies
  • View PSTN Endpoints
  • View Security Groups
  • Edit Security Groups
  • Create Security Groups
  • Delete Security Groups
  • Reset VIA Data Query Password
  • Can Edit CRM Configuration

Creating a Security Group

  1. Enter a descriptive name for the new security groups
  2. Select the required rights
  3. Select the required members
  4. Click Save


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