2018.03 (29 June 2018) Release Notes

02 June 2018 Update Complete

VIA Completed the 2018-05.2 (02 June 2018) Update successfully. As with all updates, users may have to fully refresh their browser (ctrl - F5) to see new features.


2018.03 (29 June 2018​) Planned Update

29 June 2018* will see the next update being delivered to the VIA Portal Platform. This will include a number of new features and bug fixes, including:


New Features

1736: Set Window Title to current Name

Currently each portal or window tab has a generic name, this update will see each page being named for the page being shown.

1744: View CRM before call answered

This will introduce a new security rule which will allow administrators to enable specific users to see CRM records, before they answer a call.

1980: Contact centre reports based on dashboard groups

Reports will be able to be generated based on the queue groups definied on the wallboard and supervisor dashboard.

2010: Presence timers formats

The presence timers number and text format on the supervisor dash will be able to be modified to suit each customers specific requirements.

2018: Missed Calls reports

There is now a report on the portal which shows all missed calls


Bug Fixes

1942: Extend wrap up is triggered to multiple calls

If an agent has a non contact centre active call on hold, an agent can put this into extended wrap up as well as the finished contact centre call.

1960: Presence pop out window display

The presence pop out window did not always display correctly at all window sizes.

2011: Agent Dashboard time in UTC not local

The agent dashboard times will now be local time

2022: Outbound calls do not always display correctly on supervisor dashboard

Some outbound calls from agents did not display correctly on the supervisor dashboard.

2032: Available timer to reset after a call ends

The available GUI timer would reset on log out / in, not on call ended. This has been corrected.


*Release date corrected from 07 July 2018 to 29 June 2018 

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