Polycom VVX 5.8 / Trio 5.5 & BToE 3.8 Update

On 10 August 2018 VIA will apply Ploycom VVX update version 5.8 and Trio version 5.5 for all organisations. This version of Polycom VVX software required BToE version 3.8 (if BToE is in use). BToE 3.8 is only compatible with Polycom VVX software version 5.8 and higher, so IT departments must synchronize this update with the roll out of the BToE update on the same day as the VVX update.

Why is VVX 5.8 required?
VVX 5.8 fixes a number of security vulnerabilities in the VVX software platform.

Can I get this update earlier?
Yes! If you complete this form we will schedule this update in earlier for your organisation. We will try to accommodate all requests for different date - however the dates are subject to availability.

Can I delay this update?
Yes, however, we do not recommend doing this as this update fixes critical VVX security flaws, so should be updated as soon as possible. To delay for up to three weeks - to 31 August 2018, then please complete the same for this form. We will try to accommodate all requests for different date - however the dates are subject to availability.

Why are you not rolling this out for everyone today?
We understand that organisations will need time to ensure BToE is ready to be updated, so we are allowing the install to be brought forward or delayed on a per organisational basis. We do recommend that you prepare for BTOE 3.8 as soon as possible, to allow VVX 5.8 to be updated so the security flaws are fixed.

What if i don't schedule in the update earlier?
On 10 August 2018 your VVX devices (and any Trio's) will update to version 5.8, Unless you have contact us to delay this until the 31st of August, at the latest.

What if I don't update BToE on the same day?
BToE 3.7 and lower will not work with VVX 5.8. This means BToE (PC control of VVX's) will cease to work until BToE 3.8 is installed.

What is VVX?
VVX's are the Polycom IP phones. If you don't use these devices, and just have headsets with your PC or laptop, then you don't need to do anything.

I use VVX's but what if I don't use BToE?
Then please use the this form to request the install before 10 August 2018 - or the update will be applied with other organisations on this date.

I have Trio's but no VVX's
In this case, your Trio's will update but you don't need to do anything to continue using them as they don't require the BToE software.

Can I install BToE 3.8 before VVX 5.8 is installed?
No, not without losing BToE functionality. BToE 3.8 only works with VVX 5.8 and above, so do not install BToE 3.8 until the day of the VVX 5.8 update.

Where can I get BToE 3.8?
Polycom Better Together over Ethernet Connector (BToE) Application 3.8.0

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