2018.04 (29 July 2018) Release Notes

2018.04 (29 July 2018​) Planned Update

29 July 2018 will see the next update (2018.04) being delivered to the VIA Portal Platform. This will include a number of new features and bug fixes, including:


New Features

1923 Agent Presence History on Dashboard
The Agent dashboard shows the previous presence history of the current agent.

1991 Show call routes and queue groups on the call queue
On viewing the call queue, it shows where it is in use.

2051 Feedback to users on long running tasks
The portal displays a working indicator whilst a long running task is happening.

2063 Sales force test CRM instance
Sales force test CRM instances can be added to the VIA portal for CRM integration.

Bug Fixes

2098 CRM settings not saving
CRM settings now save correctly on their edit.

2148 Edit ring group validation
Ring group and security group validation rules only apply after a change has been made.

2165 User List report not indicating deleted users
The User list report now identifies deleted users.

1696 Outbound CLI deletion
Outbound CLI numbers are now correctly shown on the numbers list and deletion is accordingly restricted when they are in use.

2112 Agent dashboard Time in call after transfer 
The agent dashboard time in call now updates correctly for the agent after receiving a transferred call.

New Features in Progress
These notable features are in progress, but not scheduled for this release cycle.

1879 Agent Pause Resume Call Recording
The Agent dashboard allows agents to pause the current recording. This allows for PCI compliant recording. This is now completing beta testing and is scheduled for the 2018.5 release.

Delayed Features and Bug Fixes
This features were due in this or previous releases, however, they have been delayed for release in a future update.

1719 Data Query Password reset
Domain admins can reset the data query password.

2089 User table in Data Query
Data Query has a new table showing User Id and Endpoint ID along with user meta data.

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