2018.05 (26 August 2018) Release Notes

Bug Fixes

2211 Simplified time says 1hrs
The time format is now 1 hr, not 1 hrs on the supervisor dashboard.

2210 Agent History Arrow background is white
The arrow on the agent dashboard page will now be an off shade of white. This allows them to be correctly viewed.

2203 Editing Security Group immediately shows that it's been edited
This now only shows as edited if an edit has been made.

2185 WebUI Wallboard does not reset at the start of each day
The wallboard will now automatically reset at the start of each day.

2150 Incorrect group voicemails and announcements displaying in call routes
The correct item names are now displayed on the call route web page.

2132 Portal pages sometimes do not load (after live update)
Updates have been put in place to invalidate the local cache after an update.

1879 Agent Pause Resume Call Recording
The Agent dashboard allows agents to pause the current recording. This allows for PCI compliant recording. This is now available upon request, please contact your account manager for more details.

Delayed Features and Bug Fixes
This features were due in this or previous releases, however, they have been delayed for release in a future update.

1719 Data Query Password reset
Domain admins can reset the data query password.

2089 User table in Data Query
Data Query has a new table showing User Id and Endpoint ID along with user meta data.

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