2018.06 (06 October 2018) Release Notes

New Features
2292: Add mobile number to User List Report
Any stored mobile numbers will now be exported in the User List Report. This allows a directory style export to be possible of all users on the VIA platform for a customer.

2275: Credit Notes on Portal
Any future credit notes will now be visible to customers on the portal along side their standard invoices.

Bug Fixes

2344: Unable to view invoices or charges
Historic invoices are now available again on the VIA portal. 

2337: WebUI Call routes not loading
Call routes now all load correctly for editing

2334: Array.find doesn't exist on Internet Explorer, causing error in Call Queues
Changes have been made to the front end java script to keep compatibility with internet explorer.

2285: Call Route: Wrong values selected in dropdowns for voicemail / announcement
The correct media description is now shown on voicemails and announcements.

2283: Error Line on Agent Summary Report
The Agent Summary Report has been updated to show information correctly on calls that are transferred more than once.

2267: Wallboard users cannot access the wallboard
The wallboard licence correctly gives access to the wallboard page on the portal.

2159: Connection Error alert doesn't clear
The portal connection error is now removed when a connection to VIA is re-established.

New Features in Progress
These notable features are in progress, but not scheduled for this release cycle.

1784: Allow users to set entity based right / roles
Allowing the grouping of users, call routes, queues and other organisation objects into groups. Groups can then have security groups, allowing security roles to be assigned to certain users for certain resources. This allows for admins to be able to control a subset of the items on the portal - useful for departments, specific offices or subsidiary companies.

Delayed Features and Bug Fixes
These features have been delayed in previous or this release cycle.

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