2018.7 (03 November 2018) Release Notes

New Features

2536: Select region for a user  
This release will allow users to be migrated between VIA data regions - North America, Europe and Australasia. This will be controlled from the user settings on the portal. Please contact your VIA account manager if you would like this enabled for your tenant before full public release.

Status: Early Access

Bug Fixes

2507: Changing User Country on portal does not save 
Changing the country on the portal will now be saved correctly.

Status: General Availability

2503: Users assigned to ring groups should not be allowed to be deleted 
If a user is assigned to a ring group then that user can now no longer be deleted until they are removed from that ring group.

Status: General Availability

2485: No Contact Centre licenses available within user accounts 
Wallboard, Supervisor and Agent licence allocation check boxes are now always visible on the user edit page, regardless of how many licences are available.

Status: General Availability

VIA Release Cycles

Early Access (EA)
Features that are EA are available upon request. These are in the final stages of feedback and user testing, and are likely without documentation. If there is a feature in EA that you would like to trial, please contact your account manager.

General Availability (GA)
Items that are GA are available for all organisations (licence restrictions may be in place for some features). Items that are GA are documented and fully supported.

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