2018.8 (09 December 2018) Release Notes

New Features

2606: Portal only user licence (GA)
Feature 2606 sees the introduction of a portal only licence. This allows a user to be created on the platform without a related VIA UC or Contact Centre licence. This is useful for example for creating specific administration or testing accounts.

2600: Call Route time zone option(EA)
Call Routes can now have time zones associated with them rather that being set to UK local time. This allows for organisations outside of the UK to be able to use Call Routes without having to update and Time Based Routing manually for daylight savings. All existing Call Routes will be set to UK local time by default, but these can be changed per Call Route if required.

1460: Read-only view of Call Route actions (GA)
When viewing a Call Route, there is now no longer the need to click edit to be able to view the settings for each action on that Call Route. Just by clicking on the action in the default view mode, will load the details of that action.

Bug Fixes

2612: Wallboard layout issue in Chrome hides create group button (GA)
The wallboard cards do not now hide the Create Group option on the Contact Centre Wallboard view.

2607: Users without a license cannot receive a replacement welcome email (GA)
With the addition of new feature 2606 unlicensed users can be sent a welcome email to set their password.

2605: Invoices resent through the portal cannot be opened (GA)
This bug has now been fixed and pdf invoices can now be opened correctly.

2503: Users should not be allowed to be deleted when in a ring group (GA)
Users could be deleted even if they were still in a ring group. This bug fixes ensures the user being deleted is not a member of any ring groups; if they are, the deletion of the user is not allowed.

2470: No UI feedback given when loading Call Route edit windows (GA)
There is now feedback given whilst a Call Route edit window is being loaded.

VIA Release Cycles

Early Access (EA)
Features that are EA are available upon request. These are in the final stages of feedback and user testing, and are likely without documentation. If there is a feature in EA that you would like to trial, please contact your account manager.

General Availability (GA)
Items that are GA are available for all organisations (licence restrictions may be in place for some features). Items that are GA are documented and fully supported.

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