2019.01 (24 February 2019) Release Notes

New Features

820: Delete an item from the middle of a call route (GA)
Items in a call route can now be deleted without deleting the items beneath it.

868: Insert an item into the middle of a call route (GA)
Items can now be inserted into a call route at any point.

2624: Region selection (GA)
Customers can now choose which region a user is hosted in.

Bug Fixes

2734: Long time condition name clipping (GA)
Long named time conditions are correctly displayed on call routes.

2739: Long call route name clipping (GA)
Long named call route items are correctly displayed on call routes.

2740: Data Query menu item (GA)
The data query menu item now highlights the correct menu item.

2748: Ring group's ring time cannot be edited (GA)
A ring group's name can now be edited when the display type is default.

2772: Time condition saving (GA)
Time conditions can now be saved when adding or remove a criteria.

2865: VAT rate default (GA)
When creating a new invoice the VAT Rate is now default to the organisations regional preference.

2928: Errors when trying to change agent status (GA)
High call rate users can now change their agent status successfully.

VIA Release Cycles

Early Access (EA)
Features that are EA are available upon request. These are in the final stages of feedback and user testing, and are likely without documentation. If there is a feature in EA that you would like to trial, please contact your account manager.

General Availability (GA)
Items that are GA are available for all organisations (licence restrictions may be in place for some features). Items that are GA are documented and fully supported.

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