Call Route Time Condition Criteria Priority

Time condition priority

  • If there is one Time Condition and the criteria is met, the call will follow this route.
  • If there are two Time Conditions and the criteria for both are met, the call will follow the most specific route (the narrowest time frame).


Specificity Priority

  • Time Condition criteria will be prioritised as Date > Month > Weekday > Time.

Example - 25th takes priority over February, which takes priory over Monday.

  • Specific value will be given priority over a range.

Example - Tuesday takes priority over Monday-Friday

  • Smallest range takes priority over larger range.

Example - 20th-24th takes priority over 19th-25th

  • Same range vs Same range - if two Time Conditions contain the criteria that match in priority, the last added Time Condition will take priority.
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