2019.02 (31 March 2019) Release Notes

New Features

2349: Auto-resume call recording after the configured timeout has been reached (GA)
Organisations that utilise Contact Centre and call recording can now configure a resume recording time. This will restart recording after the configured time if recording has been paused by an agent.

Bug Fixes

3133: WebUI license with voicemail included utilises incorrect voicemail licence (GA)
Users with a licence that includes voicemail, but who have had voicemail disabled, will now use the correct voicemail licence if voicemail is re-enabled at a later date.

3049: Changing from L3 to L1 does not remove number correctly (GA)
When unallocating a users phone number on a licence change, the number is now correctly unallocated.

2922: North America not syncing with other regions (GA)
In some instances changes to portal configuration for North America did not sync with other regions, this has been corrected.

2920: Security Group Users List has slow load times (GA)
In some instances the security group users list took a considerable amount of time to load.

2861: Portal loading dots colour (GA)
The portal loading dots now have a transparent background instead of white.

VIA Release Cycles

Early Access (EA)
Features that are EA are available upon request. These are in the final stages of feedback and user testing, and are likely without documentation. If there is a feature in EA that you would like to trial, please contact your account manager.

General Availability (GA)
Items that are GA are available for all organisations (licence restrictions may be in place for some features). Items that are GA are documented and fully supported.

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