Teams Portal

In order to facilitate the setup of the VIA UC + Microsoft Teams environment and subsequent User Voice Routing Policies, we've developed our unique Teams Portal. The steps for setup are as follows:

1) Give VIA authority to access your Office 365 Tenant.


2) Input your Office 365 Admin Credentials. This account must not use Federated Sign-In or Multi-Factor Authentication of any sort.


3) We'll then create all the necessary components in your Office 365 tenant. Once this process has finished, we'll send you an email to let you know.


4) Once complete, you'll then be able to see the list of users assigned Teams License in the VIA Portal.



1) A Green Tick symbolises this stage is complete.

2) An exclamation mark means that something has gone wrong - Contact the Support Team to find out more.

3) A hyphen indicates this stage has not been checked yet.


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