Sign into Skype for the first time

This article will guide you through logging into Skype for business for the first time once you have moved onto the VIA platform


First, you will need to delete your current sign in info from Skype for business.

To do this, sign out of Skype by clicking on the down arrow next to the settings cog and then selecting File > Sign out.




Once you are signed out, you will see the option to "Delete my sign-in info"




Now you will need to close skype for business. Do this by right-clicking on the Skype for Business icon at the bottom right of the taskbar and select "Exit".


Now open windows explorer and browse to the following folder (depending on which version of Skype for Business you use): 



Delete all folders in here apart from the tracing folder.

At this point, you can now launch the Skype for business application again and log in with your new credentials received in the Welcome email provided by VIA. You will also need to setup your new password using the Welcome email before you will be able to login.

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