How to check 365 licenses for a user using Powershell

From time to time, you may need to use Powershell to check the licenses a user possesses in 365, to ensure that this ties up with what you're seeing in the front end 365 admin centre, and what you expect them to have assigned.

In order to perform this action, you'll need to be an administrator in O365.

Find PowerShell from the Start menu, right-click and run as administrator.

Type install-module MsOnline and press enter

Type Y if prompted, and press enter

Type Connect-msolservice and press enter

You will now be prompted for your O365 admin credentials. Enter these and proceed. 

Type Get-msoluser -userprincipalname | Select Licenses   and press enter.

You'll now see printed the licenses assigned to the user. Please return this to your support engineer using the support site, either by screenshot or copy and paste. 


N.B more often than not, when we're looking at this list it's to establish whether the user is associated with a phone system license. In this list, it's displayed as 'MCOEV'. Other licenses such as E3, E5, etc have multiple names depending on when they were purchased. 

We're currently looking for 'MCOEV' (Phone System), 'E5' (contains phone system unless IUR), 'ENTERPRISEPREMIUM' (another label for E5), 'MCOCAP' (Common Area Phone, includes Phone System). 




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