How to configure user voicemail and forwarding for Teams users in 365

Teams users have voicemail enabled by default in 365. In some circumstances, you may wish to disable this or configure other similar options such as call forwarding. This can be achieved in the Teams Admin Center (part of the 365 Admin Center).

These settings will not impact your group voicemail set up as part of call routes in the VIA Portal. 

As an example, we will look at disabling user voicemail across the whole 365 tenant. 

  • Go to the 365 admin portal and sign in with administrator credentials. 
  • Click 'Show All' on the bottom of the left-hand pane, and select 'Teams'.
  • Once in the Teams Admin Center, click on Voice, and then Calling Policies. 

Here you will see listed the out of the box calling policies. 

  • Click 'Global'

You'll now be able to see that the Voicemail by default is 'User Controlled'

  • Change this to disabled
  • Click Save



This setting will apply to all users to whom the global policy is applied. In our experience, 365 can take up to 24 hours to propagate this setting, and so you should wait this period before being confident in any test.

If you wish to check which policy a particular user receives, go to Users, click on the appropriate username and then click 'Policies'. You will see the name of each policy in use. 

If you have created separate policies; i.e you've created a disable voicemail policy and wish to apply this to particular users, you should first create the policy in the 'Calling Policies' section, and then you may manage the users for this policy by selecting the check to the left of the policy name (so it highlights purple, as below): 


Then click 'Manage users' - when the pane pops up on the right, add appropriate users here. This is the best method for adding multiple users. 

An alternative method of achieving this, is one user at a time, by going to the user list, clicking the username, click policies, then click 'edit'. Here you can see all policies assigned to a user, and change them. 



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