"Your organisation has now moved to teams" message when opening Skype for Business

Issue: Microsoft have changed the organisation's coexistence mode to Teams Only and this cannot be changed back in the o365 Admin Centre.


  • When opening Skype for Business, users are presented with a message stating "Your organisation has now moved to teams"
  • The Dial Pad is missing from your Skype for Business client.


A ticket will need to be logged with Microsoft, please use the following wording or Microsoft may not agree to the change:

"Our coexistence mode in 365 Teams Admin centre has been changed to teams only. Subsequently, the Skype for Business Clients no longer have a dial pad and we cannot use the application. This means that our business is without telephony and I am paying for staff who cannot work.

The reason we need to use Skype for Business and cannot use Teams, is we use Skype for Business with a third-party provider using on-premises Skype for Business servers. For this reason, it is not appropriate that we are forced to Teams. Other customers of the same provider have had the same issue, and when raised with Microsoft, Microsoft support has run PowerShell scripts to change the coexistence mode from Teams Only back to Islands. An example ticket number of this being carried out for another tenant is Ticket #:15114411. Please perform this action as a matter of urgency.

The contact for the third party provider should you need to speak with them is Michael Sanderson, Head of Services, +442030045920."

Once Microsoft has reverted the Teams Only change, please check your DNS settings to ensure your domain points towards are platform using our DNS Checker:

If DNS settings are incorrect, please refer to our DNS article for the correct values:

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