Pairing Multiple Trio's

Trio's can now be paired in order that they suit larger meeting rooms.

Please ensure the following pre-requisites are met before continuing. 



- The devices must be connected to the same IP network

- The Devices must be connected to the same network subnet

- The network must support multicast and also needs to be enabled


In order to pair the devices, please carry out the procedure below. Note, only carry this out on the slave devices and not on the Hub (primary) (which the Visual+ box or group series is connected to). The hub has the correct default settings, and so you don't need to do anything at all on the hub, until the last step where it will accept the pairing from the slave 'devices'.




- On a slave Trio, go to Settings, Advanced, input the admin password (if you are unsure of this please raise a ticket or call through to support), Networked Devices


- Change the Networked Device role to 'Device'


- This will ask to reboot, select yes

- Once rebooted, click the pair button

- Go to the Hub, and go to Settings | Advanced | Network devices, which should now show the slave device under the 'Available Devices', select the device and click 'Pair'


- Click Complete.

The devices are now paired. Repeat the process for other slave devices as appropriate.

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