Skype for Business Installation for Business Premium Users

The default Office 365 Business Premium installation provides Skype for Business Basic client, which does not include Voicemail or Call-Forwarding features.

To install Skype for Business 2015 full, which includes Voicemail and Call-Forwarding features:d

Uninstall Skype for Business Basic

1) Download the Office 2016 deployment tool Here 

2) Once downloaded, run the application to extract the files which will include setup.exe and some configuration files.

3) Download configuration.xml which is attached at the bottom of this article and move it to the same location as the extracted Setup.exe.

4) Open Command Prompt as Administrator and change the directory to where you Setup.exe is located (cd command).


5) Run setup.exe /configure configuration.xml which will kick off the uninstallation of Skype for Business Basic.


Install Skype for Business 2015 Full


  • Under the Skype for Business section, use the Edition drop-down and select Skype for Business 2015.



  • Run the downloaded file to install Skype for Business 2015 full.
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