OAuth 2.0 for Yealink and Poly devices

On the 15th of January, Microsoft will change the authentication type for devices connecting to 365 services (such as Exchange). This will impact devices accessing Exchange Online calendars, including Poly VVX and Yealink T55/56/58, and due to the nature of calendar requirements, have a significant impact to functionality for meeting room devices such as Poly Trio and Yealink CP960. 

In order to prepare for this change, VIA will be updated all managed firmware for Poly and Yealink devices to meet requirements on the 14th January, at 2am. 

Any devices which are not managed by VIA will require manual firmware update by the 15th. 

For assistance with manual firmware update or to confirm whether your devices are managed by VIA, please contact support. 

When VIA update the firmware for devices, they will begin to authenticate with Microsoft using OAuth 2.0. You must have given consent for these devices to connect to 365 before the 14th January, otherwise, exchange functionality for these devices will be lost until consent is given. 

In order to give consent for these devices in 365, please click the links below and follow steps on screen. For any additional assistance, please contact VIA Support. 

Poly devices:

Yealink devices
For further information from Microsoft, please see the below link: 


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